From Hobby to Passion: My Business Story

From Hobby to Passion: My Business Story

I opened Virtual Mama's Place in 2013 after working long hours at a pharmaceutical company in upstate New York. As a mother of three, I was looking for work that allowed me to make ends meet but also afforded me the flexibility to care for my kids. 

Working full-time in the middle of nowhere meant long and stressful drives back and forth, so I decided to look into side hustles. I was a fan of the classic and timeless styles of jewelry, so I bought some at estate and garage sales and listed them on eBay. To my surprise and delight, my items sold quickly. I had stumbled upon a passion, and I was dedicated to making it a success.

Over the years, I have built up a loyal customer base and expanded my offerings to include a wide range of jewelry pieces for all occasions. From my frequently bought brooches and necklaces to my exquisite Rhinestone and silver jewelry, I have something for everyone. I keep my customers coming back with frequent sales and new arrivals.

But what makes Virtual Mama's Place truly special is my dedication to excellent customer service and positive feedback. I aim to make every experience with us memorable and satisfying. From the moment a customer reaches out to place an order, I strive to ensure that their needs are met in the most professional, friendly, and helpful manner possible.

I believe customers deserve the best, and I work hard to exceed their expectations. I guarantee prompt and personalized service to ensure that my customers are completely satisfied with their purchase. It's about knowing that I'm making someone's day a whole lot better.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my passion and build a successful business. I would never have imagined that my hobby could turn into such a rewarding and meaningful endeavor. I’m proud to have built a loyal customer base that has consistently given me positive feedback for my consistent appreciation for customer relations, product quality, and pricing. To all my customers who have helped make this possible, I am humbled and thankful for your loyalty.